About Marc Ryan, L.Ac.:

Marc Ryan

Marc Ryan, L.Ac and founder of Green Health Live TV

First, a little about me professionally: I am a graduate of Cornell University, a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California, a Diplomat of Chinese Herbology, NCCAOM, and a Diplomat of Acupuncture Orthopedics, NBAO.

The reason why I practice medicine the way I do (a mix of Eastern and Western medicine) is because of two important and traumatic events in my life.

The first event was the death of my father, Eric Ryan, when I was 9 years old. Eric was head of the Art Department at Colgate University when he died suddenly at the age of 42 from pneumonia. He was treated at a small rural hospital in Hamilton, New York and died from complications.

The reasons for his death have haunted me ever since and it has driven me to find answers to health problems in an effort to help others from experiencing a similar fate.

The second event was the birth of my son, Maklin. Maklin was born at Saint Vincent Hospital in New York City and it was a difficult birth. An intern who was new to the maternity ward inserted a
monitoring device into Maklin’s mother during labor and it caused massive bleeding and caused the baby’s heart rate to drop dramatically.

After an emergency cesarean section, the baby was taken to the neonatal ward and was found to have a problem with his liver processing  a protein called bilirubin. The doctors continued to take blood samples from his foot causing additional trauma. He kept crying and crying.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I called our pediatrician and asked if there wasn’t something else we could do. The pediatrician thought that the baby was dehydrated and recommended that he be taken home, given water and fluids and be seen 2 days later.

Against doctor’s orders, Maklin was taken from the hospital, given fluids and in 2 days was perfectly healthy. And he is a healthy young man today.

Both of these experiences left me wondering if there wasn’t a better way to approach health care.

This led me to study Chinese Medicine. After studying this system, which was much more holistic and took in account all aspects of a person’s being, I began to practice.

After being in practice for a few years, I discovered that much of what I had learned in school often did not work clinically. Many of the textbook situations often did not apply in the real world or people would present with a mixture of things that standard protocols did not help. I learned that just treating symptoms with an herb or a drug often did not really help the patient get better.

This led me to where I am today, a practitioner of functional medicine. Chinese medicine is a functional medicine in the sense that it looks at everything in terms of how it affects the way your body functions.

I have found that truly effective treatment requires the doctor or practitioner to understand mechanisms (why the body is behaving the way it does) and to treat the mechanism not the symptom.

Being able to practice in this manner requires excellent diagnostic skills, clinical experience, and a flexible approach to put together all the pieces of a patient’s health problem. these are the same skills that make a good detective.

I have studied functional medicine with Dr. Datis Kharrazian (world renowned teacher, doctor and author of the ground-breaking book, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab tests Are Normal) for over 5 years now and I use blood and urine tests extensively in my practice. This helps me to understand the causes of problems, the relationships between the body’s systems and to properly monitor if what I am doing is working or not.

Where most doctors order blood and urine tests and then prescribe medication, I order blood and urine tests and then prescribes diet, lifestyle and herbs or vitamin and mineral supplements to help the patient heal. Then, I monitor their progress using additional blood and urine tests.

This is a very effective approach and has the added benefit of not adding additional toxic drugs into the patient’s system.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me, please contact me.